Salerm Vision Permanent Hair Color 2.3 Oz

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* Salerm Colors:


Color Chart

  • 9,37-cappucino

  • 7,46-red Copper Blond

  • 7,74-brown Blond Copper

  • 7,11-intense Ash Blond

  • 3,65-dark Reddish Brown Mohogany

  • 1-black

  • 6,64-rock Fire

  • 7,77-blond Intense Brown

  • 9,12-extra Light Blond Pearl

  • 5,5-mahogany Light Brown

  • 5,73-Light Chestnut Golden Brown

  • 9-Extra Light Blond

  • 3,69-dark Brown Black Berry

  • 9,3-extra Light Golden Blond

  • 8,46-light Red Copper Blond

  • 6,74-dark Brown Blond Copper

  • 6,11-dark Intense Ash Blond

  • 4,65-reddish Brown Mohognay

  • 8,223-blonde Glass

  • 7,57-marron Glace

  • 6,77-dark Blond Intense Brown

  • 8,12-light Blond Pearl

  • 6,5-mahogany Dark Blond

  • 9,31-extra Light Blond Beige

  • 8-Light Blond

  • 4,69-burgundy

  • 8,3-light Golden Blond

  • 6,25-hazelnut

  • 5,74-light Chestnut Brown

  • 9,1-extra Light Ash Blond

  • 5,65-light Reddish Brown Mohogany

  • 6,4-dark Coppery Blond

  • 8,323-lemon Mousse

  • 5,77-light Chestnut Intense Brown

  • 7,12-blond Pearl

  • 5,6-reddish Light Brown

  • 8,31-light Blond Beige

  • 7-blond

  • 5,69-dark Burgandy

  • 7,3-golden Blond

  • 6,35-indian Cinnamon

  • 7,735-blond Brazilian Chocolate

  • 4,74-chest Brown Copper

  • 5,1-light Ash Brown

  • 7,65-cherry Coke

  • 7,4-coppery Blond

  • 9,127-extra Light Blond Pearly Ash Brown

  • 4,77-chestnut Intense Brown

  • 9,112-nordic Blond

  • 6,6-reddish Dark Blond

  • 7,31-blond Beige

  • 6-dark Blond

  • 5,95-violet

  • 6,3-Dark Golden Blond

  • 7,334-caramel

  • 5,735-light Brown Brazilian Chocolate

  • 8,73-light Blond Golden Brown

  • 9,00-extra Light Blond

  • 0,44-naranja California

  • 8,4-light Coppery Blond

  • Fc1 Green

  • 6,75-dark Blond Brown Mahogany

  • 9,11-extra Light Intense Ash Blond

  • 7,6-reddish Blond

  • 6,31-dark Blond Beige

  • 5-Light Brown

  • 5,96-dark Aubergine

  • 8,13-ligt Blond Irise

  • 3,5-mahogany Dark Brown

  • 5,79-cacao Brasil

  • 7,73-blond Golden Brown

  • 8,00-Light Blond

  • 0,66-rojo Shangai

  • 5,31-light Brown Beige

  • 7,44-orange Red

  • 4,75-chestnut Brown Mahogany

  • 8,11-light Intense Ash Blond

  • 8,6-reddish Light Blond

  • 3-Dark Brown

  • 6,99-dark Blond Intense Violet

  • 8,77-light Blond Intense Brown

  • 7,13-Blond Irise

  • 4,5-mahogany Brown

  • 6,73-Dark Blond Golden Blond

  • 7,00-Blond

  • 0,95-iris Germanica

SalermVision Permanent Hair Color That Cares

Shiny Bright Long Lasting Hair Color

SalermVision offers permanent hair with excellent results in shiny and long lasting colors with perfect gray coverage. An exclusive of hair color pigments allow you to design make-to-measure color with a natural oil base for added shine and reduce skin irritation.


How To Use:

Mix in a ratio of one part color to one and a half parts Aloe Vera developer. Exposure time is 30 minutes. For stubborn gray, mix in a ratio of one part color to two parts Aloe Vera developer and leave to develop for up to 40 minutes. Magic blonde shades should be mixed in a ratio of one part color to two parts Aloe Vera developer. Exposure time is an average of 45 minutes

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