Africa’s Best Originals Honey & Castor Curls 10 Oz

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Originals By Africa’s Best Honey & Castor Curls 10oz 

For Natural Curls, Coils’ & And Waves

Weather Coils, Kinks, Waves Or Spirals Are Your Style, Our Honey & Castor Curls Formula Helps You Achieve Rich, Hydrated Well-defined Curls. 100% Pure Honey Infuses Your Hair With Shine And Moisture. While A Healthy Dose Of Castor Oil Promotes Strong And Growing Strands.

Use: Depending On Your Hair Length And Thickness Of Your Hair; Pour Between A Dime And A Quarter Size Amount Of Honey & Castor Curls Into Your Hand. Rub Palms Together And Work LightWeight Creme Throughout Hair, From Roots To Ends.


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