ors monoi oil - the anti breakage oil that strengthens and restores - monoi oil anti-braekage luminating spray

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Experience the excellence of Monoi*, an intriguing, fragrant Tahitian coconut oil utilized by Polynesian ladies for a considerable length of time to ensure and look after their sparkly, solid, unbelievable hair. This lightweight equation highlights sound omega 3 and 6 or more cell reinforcements to shield hair from breakage, leaving hair solid, long and wonderful. Figured to control frizz and luminate dull, loose or thermally-rectified hair with a shiny sparkle. 

For Relaxed or Thermally-Straightened Hair Provide polished hair with body Won't weight hair down Controls frizz *This in addition to the recorded fixings diminish breakage and sustain hair.


1. Subsequent to styling dry hair, hold bottle 8-10 inches from hair and splash softly. Delicately knead into hair for more profound infiltration if fancied. 2. Complete with a light fog to make your straight style frizz-safe on muggy days. Store in a cool, dry spot at room temperature. It is typical for immaculate oils to cloud somewhat at temperatures beneath 60°F. In the event that oil becomes excessively cool and gets shady, let oil sit at room temperature for a couple of hours and the shadiness will leave.


Monoi Oil: Tahitian Coconut Oil absorbed Tiare blooms are pressed with Omega 3 and 6, or more defensive cell reinforcements to avoid hair breakage and advances solid hair and scalp.

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