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HAIRepair™ Vital Oils for Hair and Scalp is a non-oily oil which renews dry hair and diminishes dry scalp. Figured with a rich mix of light oils and concentrates, including grape seed and sweet almond oils, it effortlessly enters the hair shaft and alleviates the scalp. It won't measure the hair down or stop up the pores. 

Rejuvenates dry hair and assuages dry scalp Non-oily Won't stop up pores Shine.


1. Utilize every day or as required. 2. Part hair and apply to the scalp and sodden or dry hair. 3. Knead delicately into hair and scalp.


Grape seed oil: gives calming properties. It additionally underpins flexibility and energy of the skin. Ensures and gives a protection against unforgiving natural elements, for example, hot daylight. Advances hair development and grants a rich, luxurious radiance to hair. Sweet almond oil: goes about as a mitigating, softening, hydrating, feeding, entering, rebuilding and conditioning operator. Notwithstanding its saturating components, almond oil is brimming with vitamins and minerals.

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