bobbi boss unprocessed brazilian virgin remy human hair weave pure bohemian

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   The BOBBI BOSS® BonEla™ BRAZILIAN Natural 100% Virgin Human Hair performs delightfully with blanch, shading, perm    and cellophane. There's just no restriction with respect to what you can do to accomplish the ideal style. Be prepared to            possess and go gaga for the hair you had always wanted.                  

                           CARE INSTRUCTIONS

 1. Use a wide-tooth brush to delicately brush the hair to expel any tangling. At the point when brushing the hair, dependably         begin at the base and work your way to the top, brushing little segments of the hair with descending strokes until the greater     part of the hair has been brushed and detangled. Be mindful so as not to pull on the hair. 

2. Wash the hair with running tepid water and a profound purifying cleanser. Flush altogether. 

3. Apply a saturating conditioner to the hair and wash completely with running cool water until the greater part of the conditioner     is evacuated. 

4. Gently gesture of congratulations the hair dry with a towel. Try not to rub the hair with the towel to dry. 

5. Apply a splash sort, sans oil light detangler to the hair, then deliberately brush the hair in an indistinguishable way from in         Step 1 to expel any tangles that may have framed while washing. 

6. Allow the hair to air-dry for best outcomes. Try not to rest while the hair is still wet as this can bring about extreme tangling.