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Ideal for styling pig tails – leaves a smooth and sparkly hold while saturating the hair. ORS™ Olive Oil Girls Hair Pudding worked in defender saturates, sparkles, and holds the hair. Ideal for styling pig tails, this lightweight non-sticky pudding with a new scent leaves a smooth and gleaming hold while saturating the hair. Olive Oil Girls Hair Pudding is a liquor free recipe that won't dry the hair or cause chipping. 

Olive Oil adds dampness to the hair Coconut Oil helps in dampness to hair Contains no liquor Does not solidify the hair Does not permit the hair to wind up dry and fragile


1. Rub into palm of hands. 2. Apply to the hair and brush for even dissemination. 3. Style hair obviously.


Olive Oil: Rich in vital unsaturated fats, it imbues dampness specifically into the fingernail skin. 3. Style hair not surprisingly.