Organic Keragen Smooth Keratin + Collagen Formaldehyde Free Treatment 16 Oz

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Organic Keragen Smooth Keratin + Collagen Formaldehyde Free Treatment


Formulated with infuse Keratin proteins and Collagen to revitalize and protect damaged hair. It eliminates hair frizz while providing moisture and shine.

Use: Wash hair twice with clarifying shampoo. Towel dry hair . Apply 2-3 oz of treatment using an application brush onto 1-inch sections of hair starting from roots to ends, do not apply directly to scalp. continue until entire head has been treated. Let the treatment set in 20 minutes (fine/colored hair), 35 minutes (medium/coarse hair), 40 minutes (virgin/curly resistant hair) while combing hair straight every 10 minutes. Rinse the hair completely with water, then apply keratin hair mask for 5 minutes. Rinse do not use shampoo. Blow dry hair 100% straight. Flat iron 1/2 inch sections 10 - 15 times per sections at 350-450 degrees depending on hair thickness and texture. (350 degrees for fine to medium hair and 450 degrees for medium to coarse hair)


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